While the IRR spends every day fighting for the principles we stand for, we also run a series of focused campaigns aimed at pressuring political leaders to introduce desperately needed policy changes.

STOP Racism at Dis-Chem

Dis-Chem has implemented a “moratorium” on hiring or promoting anyone that happens to be white. This, and the laws that are pushing it, must be stopped.

Stop the Expropriation Bill

After failing to change the constitution, President Ramaphosa wants to pass the Expropriation Bill that would allow the government to take your property without compensation.

Free Your Face

Government was forced to admit that Covid-19 is no longer a “Disaster” but still wants to mandate masks indefinitely. Sign up to stop forced masking.

Your child, your educational choice!

This new education law will further centralise power in the hands of cadres and limit parents’ rights. South Africa needs child-centred education reform. Stop state control of schools!

Stop New Nationwide Race Quotas

The “Employment Equity” Bill will allow a Minister to set race quotas across the private sector, enforceable by multimillion rand fines, if it is allowed to become law.

Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

On 6 December, President Ramaphosa confirmed that the National Coronavirus Command Council will consider vaccine mandates. Coerced vaccination undermines the right to bodily autonomy enshrined in the Bill of Rights and is likely to boost public distrust. Do we choose reasoned argumentation, or authoritarianism?

Stop the Job Tax

In addition to other taxes, the government wants you to pay a new Job Tax of up to 12% on your earnings into a state fund. If you work, you will have to pay into the fund. Those that do not work will get a benefit from this state fund, paid for by employees and businesses. Given the high cost of living and record high tax rates how will you be able to afford this?

Stop Land Nationalization. Sign now, deadline 13 August.

The new version of the 18th Constitutional Amendment attacking property rights calls for a renewed fightback. If we are to protect our property rights and SA’s economy, we must win this fight. #KillTheBill #StopEWC #PropertyRightsAreHumanRights

SaveTheEconomy: Help us pressure specific ministers and CEOs

The IRR is seizing forward momentum to direct pressure where it counts in rands and cents, existing policies that cancel growth. Support our next step to challenges ministers and CEO’s to implement our proposals that will deliver economic growth.


Families are paying more than half of their income to the state. Major new tax increases are also on the way with the biggest of these being EWC that will tax your business, income, and assets at 100%. Stop the abuse! Sign our tax petition below!


Eskom is failing and taking our economy with it. Drastic changes are urgently necessary to get #PowerToThePeople!

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