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We believe South Africa can be the greatest country in the world. That is why we fight for freedom, equality of opportunity, and the rights of every individual.

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EWC is almost here!
EWC is almost here!

The Expropriation Bill is in the final stages of becoming law.

Hands off my pension!
Hands off my pension!

The ANC government is once again thinking of trying to implement prescribed assets to get their hands onto your savings.

Taxes are too high
Taxes are too high

The government thinks taxpayers’ money is theirs – it’s not

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How we promote solutions

The decisions of those in power directly impact the lives of all South Africans.

Government decisions can grow opportunity or smother it. They can create wealth or destroy it. They can expand freedom or erode it.

The IRR holds those in power accountable. We fight against bad decisions. We promote solutions that make life in South Africa better for all.

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With their monthly donations of R80-R150, the Friends of the IRR allow us to oppose bad ideas, policies, and decisions, and put forward real solutions.

About the IRR

We conduct research, promote policy solutions, and fight for freedom, equality of opportunity, and the rights of every individual.

We stand for classical liberalism - an effective way to defeat poverty and tyranny through a system of limited government, a market economy, private enterprise, freedom of speech, individual liberty, property rights, and the rule of law.

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Our research

We are proud to carry on the IRR’s legacy of high-quality research. Our SA Survey (published annually since 1948) provides comprehensive data on all aspects of SA society. Our books, reports, policy papers, and parliamentary submissions offer in-depth analysis of South Africa's challenges and practical, pro-freedom solutions.

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If you want to see a free, non-racial, and prosperous South Africa, we’re on your side.

If you believe that our country can overcome its challenges with the right policies and decisions, we’re on your side.

Join our growing movement of like-minded, freedom-loving South Africans today and help us make a real difference.

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