Save SA cricket from politics, failure, and racism

Let’s stand together to stop the ANC re-racializing cricket!

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Cricket South Africa (CSA) has made racism its official policy. This is in contravention of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Constitution and anti-discrimination policies.

Make your voice heard. Sign this petition to send a joint email of complaint with the IRR to the ICC and the CSA. Stand with the IRR to say “No!” to the re-racializing of cricket!

Sport in South Africa should be a great unifier of people from all backgrounds, but the ANC has increasingly been dragging sport in our country back to the worst days of racialized and divided and divisive sport. This must stop.

The real problem in South African sport is that little has been done over twenty years to promote sport and its unifying and developmental potential at a grassroots level.

If the South African government wants true transformation in cricket it should work to ensuring that all those who would want to play the game in this country have the opportunity to do so. However, according to the Department of Education’s own statistics only 6% South Africa’s public schools have cricket facilities. This must change and all those who want to play the game must have the opportunity to do so.

Furthermore, IRR research shows that the majority of South Africans want their teams selected on merit, with no racial quotas. According to IRR research from 2019 over 80% of South Africans said that teams should be selected solely on merit.

Help the IRR promote real solutions to allow sport to fulfil its full South African potential:

  • Scrap racial quotas in team selection at all levels in favour of merit-based selections;
  • Scrap racial quotas in management appointments at all levels in favour of merit-based appointments;
  • Reallocate government funds to the development of sporting infrastructure in public schools;
  • Improve security at such facilities to protect necessary infrastructure and children participating in such extracurricular activities through funding of private security in high-crime areas, and broad merit-based and community-driven management of police services;
  • Enable and incentivise private sector and community involvement in the funding and managing of school and community sporting infrastructure and programmes;
  • Drastically cut back the powers of politicians and government officials at national and provincial levels to interfere at sport at all levels, and have government focus on providing funding on bases of merit and sporting achievement.

Support the IRR

If you want to see a free, non-racial, and prosperous South Africa, we’re on your side.

If you believe that our country can overcome its challenges with the right policies and decisions, we’re on your side.

Join our growing movement of like-minded, freedom-loving South Africans today and help us make a real difference.

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