#BeatCovid19: Save lives and livelihoods

Support the IRR in putting pressure on the government to implement a 'trim down' rather than lockdown. Livelihoods AND lives need to be protected during this pandemic - support us in doing so and protecting lives and the economy.

Campaigns | #BeatCovid19: Save lives and livelihoods

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Following on constructive engagement with government officials on previously proposed IRR policy recommendations, the IRR will deliver a policy recommendation memorandum to the Presidency, the Minister of Health, of Trade and Industry, and Finance. We set out the significant risks of a lockdown approach resulting in ‘all pain, no gain’ lockdowns, and makes the case for an alternative approach.

If you want to see South Africa 'trim down' rather than 'lockdown' support the IRR and its proposal to protect #LivesandLivelihoods.

The IRR proposes a ‘trim down’ approach in preference to a lockdown approach. This ‘trim down’ approach consists of a four-point plan:

Point 1: Trim down state expenditure;

Point 2: Trim down risks associated with economic activities by introducing a Covid-19 Risk Scale;

Point 3: Trim down SMME expenses in improving their position on the Covid-19 Risk Scale; and

Point 4: Trim down red tape to ease pressure on SMMEs

This four-point plan forms the basis of a ‘trim down’ approach that will create the necessary environment where both #LivesAndLivelihoods can be protected.

“The IRR has said from the start of this crisis that a solution-orientated, sensible policy approach offers the best hope for South Africa to weather this storm. By building on our published comprehensive policy response framework Friends In Need, the IRR offers a workable and constructive alternative to free South Africans from a lockdown approach,” said Hermann Pretorius, Deputy Head of Policy Research for the IRR.

“A ‘trim down’ approach that cuts back on non-essential state expenditure, that scraps the arbitrary, confusing and destructive differentiation between essential and non-essential services and ensures the SMME heart of the economy can start beating again without putting lives in danger, that eases the financial burden on SMMEs to benefit from this new approach, and that eases pressure on employers by scrapping BEE and temporarily scrapping minimum wage requirements can restart and re-energise the economy. Our approach can get South Africans back to work, to earn, to look after their loved-ones, while also ensuring that the most vulnerable South Africans are cared for and safe.”

“People are scared, and many are already suffering. We must do everything we can to save #LivesAndLivelihoods amidst this crisis. We must make sure the sacrifices already made and those being made were and are not in vain. We must at all costs avoid ‘all pain, no gain’ lockdowns and lay the groundwork for recovery now.”

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