IRR to the IMF: for SA to grow, we need to #ChangeGear

The South African government has recently approached the IMF for financial support, but we must make clear to the IMF that they should only provide support if the government gets rid of EWC, NHI, BEE, pension grabs, and policies that make the lives of all South Africans more difficult.

Campaigns | IRR to the IMF: for SA to grow, we need to #ChangeGear

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We have launched a campaign to expose to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its donors the dangerous policies and policy intentions of the ANC, the SACP and COSATU: expropriation without compensation (EWC), NHI, race-based policies like BEE, pension grabs, wasted tax revenue, and never-ending SOE bailouts.

Join the IRR to expose the ANC’s dangerous plans to the world. With real pressure we can get real change. We must say to the IMF, the world, and the ANC: it is time to #ChangeGear.

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