3 Watershed legal judgments
Ben Koen
Jul 25, 2021

Court judgements are often seen to be confined to the realm of lawyers or legal scholars. However, if you look at it in a different way, legal cases are war stories, battled out in the courtrooms. South Africa has a long history of courtroom battles that gave way to landmark judgements. For this article I will talk about three judgements spanning over 60 years which are important for South Africans to know about.

3 times MASS VIOLENCE shocked South Africa
Marius Roodt
Jul 18, 2021

The current unrest we are seeing is not new. And the truth is that if we had to discuss every single major incident of violence in South Africa since 1910 you could probably write a book.

Remember – your vote counts!
Marius Roodt
Jul 11, 2021

Some people will tell you that your vote doesn’t matter and that voting is pointless. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

11 rights YOU must fight for
Hermann Pretorius
Jul 10, 2021

Freedom is not something airy-fairy – it consists of a collection of real rights that will only be respected if citizens no longer outsource political problem solving to the government and politicians.

3 critical race-hustling LIES told about the Constitution
Martin Van Staden
Jul 04, 2021

The Constitution is formally the highest law of the land, and how one interprets it is usually determinative of how it plays out in practice, regardless of what the text obviously says. Critical race hustlers understand this better than any other political faction in South Africa, and have expended much time, money, and effort on dishonestly racialising the Constitution through (interpretive) construction. We must recognise these lies for what they are.

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