5 ways BEE has damaged SA’s economy
Tariq Khan
Oct 03, 2021

The ANC-led government has implemented BEE policies for more than a decade now. Shockingly, instead of creating jobs and growing the economy, BEE has had the opposite effect. Today millions of South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds are jobless and cannot pursue their dreams.

Enlightenment Now: A book review
Tariq Khan
Oct 02, 2021

Enlightenment Now is a worthwhile read for Classical Liberals, who believe that reason – not force or blind belief – is the fundamental driver of progress.

Voting 101: What happens on the election day
Marius Roodt
Sep 26, 2021

What will happen on election day? Your chance to vote for who will be in charge of your local municipality is now only a month away. The election date is set for 1 November and it is your chance to make your voice heard and let the politicians know what you want.

5 victories won by REAL freedom fighters in South Africa
Tariq Khan
Sep 19, 2021

Real freedom fighters have played an important role in South Africa’s politics. Over many decades, they always chose to promote freedom, even if it was seen as being “politically incorrect” at the time.

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