Four times the Constitution was used to fight bad politics
Tariq Khan
Aug 28, 2021

The Constitution is a legal contract that protects the rights of South Africa’s citizens. It is important to keep this document guarded, as it stops politicians from dodging accountability when they abuse government power.

9 Disturbing Quotes by Race Hustlers in South Africa
Tariq Khan
Aug 21, 2021

Race hustlers are divisive figures who try to divide South Africa. Here are some of the nasty, racial comments that have been over the years. Their condescending remarks assume that we’re aren’t smart enough to see through these empty, silly remarks.

Race Hustlers are trying to weaken South Africa
Tariq Khan
Aug 15, 2021

South Africa has entered into a phase in its modern history where jobs are scarce, and life is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to this, some politicians will try to benefit from our frustrations by polarising communities through race hustling. As people who care about the future of our country, we should guard against this because South Africa’s strength lies in the diversity of its individuals.

Top myths about South Africa’s past
Nicholas Lorimer
Aug 14, 2021

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” This is a quote from George Orwell’s book, 1984. In this vain, Nicholas Lorimer debunks some often told myths about South Africa’s history, empowering you to look more closely at SA’s past and consider how it continues to impact the present.

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