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The IRR puts out in the region of 50 media releases annually drawing attention to its major research and policy findings.

In addition you are welcome, as a journalist, to contact an IRR analyst at any time to help you source a piece of information on South Africa. Contact us for more info.

IRR launches new National Growth Strategy for South Africa

27 May 2016 - The IRR has drafted a new economic recovery plan for South Africa called the National Growth Strategy or NGS. The NGS is an economic recovery plan that has been drafted by the policy team at the IRR to be implemented over the period 2016 to 2019 as the basis of a long term economic recovery targeting GDP growth levels of 7% of GDP by the end of the decade.

Bringing land reform down to earth

26 May 2016 – Neither land nor farming should be romanticised. Entrepreneurship is critical to turning an inert and often barren, dry, and rocky piece of land into a productive farm. But land itself is only the starting point: without all the other inputs – from finance for seeds and fertiliser and implements, to water rights, access to markets, and know-how – no farmer will produce very much.

Land reform without tears

24 May 2016 – Miraculously, despite the Land Acts, South Africa is in the fortunate position that demand for farm land can probably be met without the disruptions, risks, and costs of radical redistribution.

Few benefit from South Africa's empowerment policies

6 April 2016 – A report published by the IRR today notes that very few South Africans benefit from current empowerment polices. Since these policies have failed to benefit the poor and disadvantaged, few people support them either.

IRR report warns on growth forecasts, debt and deficit levels

4 April 2016 – A report released by the IRR has warned that Treasury growth forecasts to 2018 may be on the high side, and that there is a considerable degree of risk that deficit and debt targets set out in the recent budget will not be achieved.

IRR response to Jacob Zuma comments this evening

1 April 2016 – Our considered view is that the Zuma exit is likely to be a far more orderly and less dramatic departure – staged over the next 18 months – than the sudden once off announcement some analysts anticipated for this evening.

IRR warns on fuel price hike

23 March 2016 – The IRR has warned that if the Rand and oil prices remain at their current levels motorists could expect a fuel price hike of 41c/litre in April. On top of that the increase in the fuel levy announced by the finance minister in his recent budget speech could see motorists paying between 70c/litre and 80c/litre more for fuel.

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