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What needs to be done - Politicsweb

6 February 2018 - Meeting popular expectations is essentially a challenge of labour market access. If you conduct a polling exercise and ask South Africans what they most want, what is necessary above all else to improve living standards and build thriving communities, the answer, every time, is employment. Many analysts and politicians argue that South Africa has experienced two decades of jobless growth – but this is

Let the people own the land - News24

4 February 2018 - To see expropriation without compensation as a solution is to miss the point entirely. The constitutional requirement to pay compensation for land acquired has not been a hindrance to land reform.

Growth has to be our topmost priority - Politicsweb

4 February 2018 - The surest way to demonstrate one's politically correct credentials and signal one's virtue these days is to bewail supposedly mounting "inequality". Given its view that capitalism is a "crime against humanity", it was only to be expected that Oxfam should make a meal of inequality and demand that it be remedied by "more tax justice", whatever that may mean.

Will ‘Ramaphosa effect’ save SA from taxing itself into prosperity? - The Citizen

3 February 2018 - In the light of increased capital flows, rand strengthening and an upwardly revised economic growth rate following Cyril Ramaphosa’s election as ANC leader, the challenge will be to rein in exuberance, and not to allow improved sentiment to lead to consolidation complacency and an over-estimation of the extent to which improved sentiment will broaden the tax base through job creation, or lead to higher private sector wage increases or bonuses.

Capitec a possible victim of SA’s trust deficit - Fin24

31 January 2018 - Capitec and the South African Reserve Bank responded strongly and swiftly to Viceroy’s report - but whatever the veracity of certain details or one's opinion on Capitec’s business model, there is much about Viceroy’s modus operandi that triggers alarm bells of an attempt to provoke market panic, even if not an attempt to short and distort.

Strong support among ANC voters for Ramaphosa, ‘pro-business’ policies – BizNews

31 January 2018 - ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has won many plaudits for insisting on the immediate replacement of the Eskom board, inducing President Jacob Zuma to appoint the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, promising the prosecution of those implicated, and assuring the World Economic Forum at Davos that South Africa has turned over a new leaf and is open for business once again

Panyaza Lesufi, bully - Politicsweb

28 January 2018 - Yet one of the biggest bullies on the South African educational scene is the political head of the department, Panyaza Lesufi, member of the executive council (MEC) for education in Gauteng. He also appears to have a policy of "zero tolerance" towards Afrikaans schools, including Afrikaans schools most of whose pupils are coloured rather than white.

Op-Ed: Ramaphosa in Davos – will he heed the lessons as Mandela did? - Daily Maverick

25 January 2018 - Given the reasons for which South Africa’s State-owned Enterprises have been much in the news of late, we should be grateful that Mandela heeded the warnings on nationalisation. The land reform experiences in Vietnam and China are particularly instructive. Both of these fed on real grievances on the part of the peasantry – but were so overpowered by ideology that their outcomes, quite predictably, exacted huge costs.

The road to Vrede - Politicsweb

25 January 2018 - Perhaps the key idea here is not about whether land reform should take place, but its terms and objectives. ‘The “land question”,’ they write, ‘strikes a chord for many people and serves as a potent symbol of persistent poverty and structural inequality.’

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