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A simple explanation of the Rule of Law for South Africans
Chris Patterson
Oct 17, 2022

The rule of law is crucial to the efficient and effective operation of modern society. Without it, life would be one jumbled mess, where inequality reigned supreme and double standards were the order of the day.

Another new political party, another ASA | Freedom FANatics Ep. 67
Oct 11, 2022

An Action SA breakaway has arrived on the political scene - Activists South Africa. We discuss their launch and look at the journey of Sisipho Hamlomo, from ice-cream seller to Mathematics graduate. Then we look at #YourReactions to a quote by the esteemed economist Ludwig von Mises.

New school subjects are coming soon | Freedom FANatics Ep. 66
Oct 04, 2022

Welding, Needlework and Plumbing - these are some of the subjects on the list that the Department of Basic Education wants to introduce at high schools. We discuss this and a new courier service - Thumela - that leverages taxi's and taxi ranks. Then, we look at #YourReactions to our article warning against Xenophobia.

Mmusi is back! Will BOSA win your vote? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 65
Sep 27, 2022

Former leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane, is has launched his own political party - Build One South Africa. We discuss this plus look at the desperation caused by load-shedding to business owners, big and small. Then, we look at #YourReactions to the billions of rands lost due to irregular expenditure in the Water and Sanitation department.

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