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More taxes will solve unemployment? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 60
Aug 23, 2022

The SA Communist Party makes some stunning remarks about South Africa's free market economy. We discuss this plus look at a dope twitter account featuring small businesses, @KasiEconomy, and the comments on MacG's Podcast and Chill episode with DA leader, John Steenhuisen. Then we look at #YourReactions to SA's brain drain crisis.

Will the ANC lose power? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 59
Aug 16, 2022

While new polling highlights the loss of ANC support, the FAN team discuss the importance of the 2024 elections for South Africa's future. Additionally an incident of police brutality by SAPS also raise the importance for accountability. on #YourReactions the FAN team discuss South Africa's xenophobia crisis.

Which is better - grants or jobs? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 58
Aug 10, 2022

With plans to increase Social Relief Distress grants, we look at whether or not grants are actually sustainable in SA. Then, we discuss the new pineapple logo of Freedom FANatics and later we tackle #YourReactions to a Nelson Mandela quote about leaders and sacrifice.

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