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May 11, 2010
The IRR puts out in the region of 50 media releases annually drawing attention to its major research and policy findings.

In addition you are welcome, as a journalist, to contact an IRR analyst at any time to help you source a piece of information on South Africa. Contact us for more info.

Should SA execute its most violent criminals? New IRR report provides some answers

22 November 2016 - The IRR has released a report on whether South Africa should reintroduce the death penalty. The report comes against a context of rising levels of serious and violent crime, often characterised by extraordinary cruelty and violence on the part of perpetrators. The current Rhodes Park murder and rape case would be an example.

IRR says minimum wage will entrench structural unemployment

21 November 2016 - The proposed new minimum wage of R3 500 per month will do little to improve the circumstances of existing workers, while further limiting access to the labour market for unemployed people. This is according to analysts at the IRR.

Life in South Africa much better than in 1994 – Think tank report

8 November 2016 - The IRR has released a report titled Life in South Africa: Reasons for Hope, that sets out the social and economic progress our country has made since 1994. The report found progress in areas ranging from the economy to crime, education, healthcare and living standards.

Gordhan charge shows rise of new right wing – IRR policy paper

12 October 2016 - Against the background of the criminal charge brought against the Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan, the IRR has released a policy paper titled The Rise of the New Right: South Africa’s Road to 2024 on the prospects for a forced, quite authoritarian, economic reform process in South Africa.

Botswana example can save SA mining industry – think-tank report

04 October 2016 - South Africa’s mining industry is in deep trouble but could be saved if it followed the example of Botswana - says the IRR in a policy paper on the urgent need for mining law reform, published in @Liberty today. According to IRR research, South Africa has enormous mineral wealth but is not using this as well as its Botswana neighbour is using its more limited mineral resources.

Give the job to real capitalists, not pseudo-capitalists

20 September 2016 - South Africa's major state-owned companies should be removed from the control of "pseudo-capitalists" and sold to real ones. This is one of the key arguments put forward by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) in a paper entitled Privatisation or Bust released in Johannesburg today.

No convincing health rationale for the sugar tax

15 September 2016 - The National Treasury has no convincing reason to believe that its proposed 20% excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) will be effective against obesity, says the IRR in a policy paper on the proposed tax, published yesterday.

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