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Nothing succeeds like success or fails like failure - Business Day, 3rd September 2012.

In his fortnightly column in Business Day, John Kane-Berman, the Chief Executive of the Institute, argues that, "the violence that erupted after the Soweto shootings in 1976 showed there were issues far bigger than imposing Afrikaans as a language of instruction. So also, the Marikana shootings on 16th August have brought a host of issues to the fore."

Violence a relic from people's war to make SA ungovernable - Business Day, 20th August 2012.

Numerous types of chickens are coming home to roost in South Africa. During their long campaign to win power by making the country ungovernable via a no-holds-barred "people’s war", the ruling alliance made up of the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), injected into the bloodstream of the body politic a virus of violence that they cannot now eradicate.

HIV/AIDS successes show SA can fix its problems - Business Day, 10th August 2012.

It is all too easy to criticise governments. However, there is an example where the government is due credit, mainly because it shows how things can be done. This is the successful implementation of a nationwide HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programme that has come to light most recently at the 19th International AIDS Conference held in Washington DC.

Letter: Havoc of quota fines - Business Day, 26th July 2012

Helen Suzman was right in saying in 1998 that the Employment Equity Act was premature at best — and that the government must first fix the skills shortage among black South Africans. Tragically, that has still to be done. This leaves employers seeking to fulfil their quotas little choice but to take on people who lack experience and competence but have (as the Employment Equity Act states) the "capacity to acquire, within a reasonable time, the ability to do the job".

Letter: Unworkable red tape - Business Day, 17th July 2012.

What SA needs are proper schools, vastly increased investment and effective incentives to business to expand the jobs they offer. Instead, however, the ruling party is once again seeking to truss the private sector up in yet more reams of unworkable red tape.

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