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May 01, 2018
Every year our analysts and policy experts, in promoting new ideas and policies, contribute a wide range of articles to newspapers across South Africa.
We turned at the brink – now urgency in addressing obstacles is paramount - News24

16 February 2018 - At the time, the reformist view – which we likened to the experience of the verligte Afrikaners – was broadly rubbished as being outside the bounds of possibility. While the scenario we have subsequently lived through was certainly not the upside one – we continued to hold out the possibility of an ANC reformation, forced by political and economic realities, in two books published on South Africa's future, the first in 2014 and the second in 2017.

A truly radical SONA would tackle the land grab question - Fin24

16 February 2018 - The leadership change in the ruling party and the government has generally been welcomed by the local and international business communities as an opportunity to put South Africa on a high-growth and developmentally orientated course. However, this sentiment is likely to prove fickle if the government commits to a course of action that will undermine the economic foundations of the country.

Working together to beat Day Zero - IOL

14 February 2018 - Renowned water scientist Dr Anthony Turton adds that debate around water in South Africa has become so politicised that the realities of hydrology are often subordinated to the dictates of ideology – part of which is a suspicion of private enterprise. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that this was on display in Parliament.

Mining could play a critical role in growing jobs - BizCommunity

13 February 2018 - South Africa's bleak employment outlook underscores the pressing need for the country to revisit its policy on mining with a view to generating investment-led growth in one of the few sectors of the economy with the potential to absorb large numbers of unskilled labour.

Who will pay the price for the Esidimeni tragedy - Politicsweb

12 February 2018 - In an open society with a free and critical press and vigilant NGOs, there is no excuse for government officials not to know what is going on around them. It was no excuse under the previous government and it is no excuse under the present one.

Land audit does not tell us all we need to know - News24

11 February 2018 - Much has been made of the apparently paltry landholdings of black South Africans, at 1.2% of farmland and 7% of formally registered urban land. Taken at face value, this suggests that neither government’s land reform initiatives, nor market-based transactions, have had any noticeable impact on black people’s asset base

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