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May 01, 2018
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The DA drops the ball on jobs - Politicsweb

16 April 2018 - The DA's explicit rejection at its recent federal congress in Pretoria of racial quotas is something liberals should applaud. Less deserving of applause is the resolution the congress adopted to introduce a "jobseekers' exemption certificate" should the DA ever come to power.

Moralism in land debate hampers economic growth - News24

13 April 2018 - How much is enough? What do we need? When do our wants and ambitions become morally untenable? What is fair and equitable to all concerned? Can acquisition be justified against the backdrop of severe deprivation and extreme inequalities?

Mining’s BEE topping-up principle and why nobody likes it - BizNews

11 April 2018 - The majority judgment also cast doubt on the validity of the revised mining charter gazetted in 2010, as this was seemingly ultra vires (beyond the powers) of the mining minister under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) of 2002. It further ruled that a failure to comply with the mining charter – either as originally adopted in 2004, or as revised in 2010 – does not generally constitute an offence under the MPRDA.

LETTER: Land summit a farce - Business Day

27 March 2018 - The summit on property rights to be convened jointly at the Gordon Institute of Business Science this week by groups including Parliament and the Nelson Mandela University is a farce.

Dear Mr Makhanya, focusing on racism won't solve SA's persistent problems - News24

27 March 2018 - Mondli Makhanya's critique of the IRR's research begins by acknowledging that current debates on joblessness and other vital issues are "laced with racial suspicion" and "riddled with myths, suppositions, and disdain for fact", all of which "makes it impossible to have rational conversations" ('Dear IRR, Racism is real').

Deaf to the screams from pit latrines - Politicsweb

25 March 2018 - The death of five-year-old Lumka Mketwa in a pit latrine at her school in the Eastern Cape earlier this month is already disappearing from news columns. After a time Lumka will be in the news again when one of the watchdog organisations demanding better facilities in schools, or a public-interest law firm, brings a case to court seeking compensatory damages for her family.

LETTER: Expropriation’s true intent - Business Day LETTER: Expropriation’s true intent - Business Day

16 March 2018 - Your report mischaracterises President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plan for property rights (Ratings agencies are happy with Nene, March 14). You write of "his plan to change the Constitution to allow white-owned property to be taken without payment for redistribution to landless blacks". This is not so.

Land reform: Empower people, not the state - News24

16 March 2018 - A lack of information about land ownership has been a critical hindrance to an informed debate around land reform. As a rendering of the findings of the land audit, President Ramaphosa’s words are a good deal, more accurate than what some of his associates have put out. But they still obscure as much as they reveal.

Land EWC will halt development of black middle class - BizNews Land EWC will halt development of black middle class - BizNews

14 March 2018 - The ANC has never wanted to succeed at land reform. Rather, one of its key objectives has long been to ‘eliminate’ private property rights, so as to help shift South Africa from a capitalist to a socialist and then communist economy.

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