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Explainer: Dump BEE and give people the help they NEED
Jun 14, 2021

We all know that BEE really stands for Blatant Elite Enrichment. NEED - Non-racial Economic Empowerment for the Disadvantaged - is a fair and practical alternative to BEE that empowers South Africans by taking resources out of the hands of the government’s cronies and cadres and putting them in the hands of ordinary people.

Explainer: BEE = Blatant Elite Enrichment
Jun 07, 2021

While we can all agree that black South Africans, after decades of being locked out of the economy, deserve to be economically empowered through proper jobs, we must ask: has Black Economic Empowerment achieved this?

Explainer: Racism is NOT the problem
May 31, 2021

Between the noise and the anger stoked by political parties and vested interests, it’s difficult to hear the truth about race, racism, and race relations in South Africa.  The truth is that racism is not the problem.

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