Taxes are too high

The government thinks taxpayers’ money is theirs – it’s not

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The cost of living in South Africa is becoming unbearable. At the end of each month families have less & less for essential goods and services. People urgently need relief.

Recent IRR research has found that the government can deliver the same services and social programmes with lower taxes from citizens. Taxes are simply too high and they are also spent inefficiently. South Africans need immediate relief. The IRR proposes the following:

  1. Cut VAT to 11.5%;
  2. Reduce the fuel tax;
  3. Reform Capital Gains Tax collection; and
  4. End preferential procurement.

Read our proposals here.

The continued cost-of-living crisis confirms that it’s time to reduce taxes and make the government more efficient. You have the power to demand accountability for your tax money and that it be reduced and spent properly. You can do this by supporting the IRR’s campaign to reduce taxes. Add your voice to our campaign against high taxes and government inefficiency.

On your behalf we will approach the minister of finance and other senior government officials to demand that taxes be lowered, spent properly, and that government becomes more efficient.

More and more of the hard-earned money of citizens gets taken by an inefficient and corrupt government. The levels of wasteful and fruitless expenditure of your taxes proves that the governing ANC doesn’t care about how they use the money of taxpayers. Government abuse robs you of public services and puts money in the hands of cronies, cadres, and comrades. Yet Government still wants more!

And we are not the only ones saying this. As Raymond Zondo said during the state capture hearings tax revenue lost through reducing taxes can easily be made up by simply spending more efficiently.

And a bloated and inefficient government is a drag on economic growth – economic growth is the only way South Africa can escape poverty and become a prosperous society for all who live in it.

All South Africans deserve to have more of their own money in their pockets at month-end and to see the taxes used properly and responsibly. Let government tighten its belt by reducing taxes and so loosen the cost-of living noose around the neck of the citizenry.

Join us to stop the raid on your pocket!

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If you want to see a free, non-racial, and prosperous South Africa, we’re on your side.

If you believe that our country can overcome its challenges with the right policies and decisions, we’re on your side.

Join our growing movement of like-minded, freedom-loving South Africans today and help us make a real difference.

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