EWC is almost here!

The Expropriation Bill is in the final stages of becoming law.

Campaigns | EWC is almost here!

The Bill will allow the government to expropriate your property without compensation. Your house and other property could be taken by the government.

But even if the government doesn’t take your property, the threat of expropriation could see the economy collapse. This is what we have witnessed in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, both places where the government started taking people’s property without paying for it. This saw economic confidence evaporate, with huge knock-on effects for everyone in those countries.

South Africa could be next if we don’t make a stand now.

The Bill is now on the President’s desk, awaiting his signature, after which it will become law. When this happens, your property could be fair game.

The IRR will be fighting to protect the property rights of all South Africans. We are writing to President Ramaphosa to warn him that the Bill remains unconstitutional: both because its content is in conflict with the Bill of Rights and because of procedural flaws in its adoption. As President, Mr Ramaphosa is obliged not to assent to unconstitutional bills but rather to refer them back to the National Assembly. Click here to read our full petition to the President.

We will also be warning various influential organisations about the threat that the unconstitutional EWC Bill poses – and asking them to take a stand with us.

Support us in this fight to protect your property and the country’s economy!

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