Tax justice

Today the government takes through taxation more of the money created by hard-working South Africans than at any time in the history of the country.

Much of that money is wasted or misspent through corruption. Some politicians and activists then have the gall to blame those same hard-working South Africans for not doing enough to create a better society.

This is nonsense.

The tax paid by all South Africans and the jobs created by entrepreneurs have done an enormous amount to improve living standards, and this contribution must be recognised and celebrated. South Africa’s real problem is not that ordinary people do not do enough, but rather that the government wastes so much of the tax they pay.

We fight to make sure that more money stays in the hands of ordinary people who made or earned it so that it can be better spent to help create a prosperous society, while exposing and stopping the wastage of government resources.   

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