Real economic empowerment

We stand for real economic empowerment – not the failed and counterproductive policies of the government. To really empower poor people South Africa needs to focus on the root causes of poverty which can be found in bad schools, weak family structures, a sluggish job market, low levels of entrepreneurship, and an economy that is growing far too slowly.

The government's empowerment policies address none of these things and focus instead on racial engineering that undermines investment, raises prices, reduces competitiveness, and forces entrepreneurs to comply with costly administrative hurdles while offering little to the poor and the truly disadvantaged. The victims are black and white people who cannot get ahead because empowerment policy does not focus on the things that are holding them back. Enforcing the current policies more aggressively will change none of this. If you agree that it is good and right to have policies that help poor people but that the time has come to change South Africa's approach to empowerment policy completely then you are not alone. There are millions of people who believe that it is time to move away from race to actual socio-economic disadvantage. 

We advocate for exactly this and against every law and policy that makes it difficult to invest in South Africa, start a business, or find a job, especially where that policy discriminates against you on the basis of your race. Instead, we promote a bold new approach to empowerment policy that identifies its beneficiaries based on their actual socio-economic disadvantage, and helps them to escape from poverty through education, entrepreneurship and employment.  If you agree with this then join us, make sure your voice is heard, and together we can get South Africa's politicians to change how South Africa does empowerment. 

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