Choice-driven healthcare, policing, and education policy

Every family has the right to make its own choices about how it wants to live. It is not for the government to tell you how to educate your children, or to force you to use a dangerous public hospital or rely on an incompetent police force.

Many government-run healthcare facilities are terrible not because they have too little money but because of incompetent managers and hostile trade unions.

Many schools are so bad that they deny children any chance at a better future. Our research shows that where parents and communities take back control of schools from the government the results achieved by their children are better.

Our research also shows that police officers are often perpetrators of serious and violent crime and that higher levels of community control of policing makes for safer neighbourhoods.

For this reason, we advocate for policies that allow communities to wrestle back control of their schools, hospitals, and police stations from politicians.

We lobby for the government to introduce healthcare and education vouchers that will allow for communities to decide how taxpayer funds should be spent, for stronger school governing bodies, and for community police forums that will have the power to appoint police station commanders.

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