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Research and Policy Brief: Changing the Empowerment Goalposts: Major Shifts to Employment Equity and Black Economic Empowerment Rules - 12th November 2013.

Major changes to employment equity and black economic empowerment (BEE) rules are soon to take effect. Far from providing redress for apartheid’s wrongs, these will damage the poor majority by imposing penalties and overall compliance costs high enough to drive many small firms out of operation. This will reduce jobs, deter entrepreneurship and investment, and further hobble the economy. Apartheid’s victims would be far better served by putting economic growth before redistribution, as a different way of dividing up the existing economic pie will never be enough to meet the needs of a growing population.

Research and Policy Brief: Mamphela Ramphele - 22nd May 2013.

The launch of the ‘political party platform’ Agang in February 2012 has shifted Dr Mamphela Ramphele from being a commentator on South African politics to being an active participant in the months leading up to the national election in 2014. This article draws together some of Dr Ramphele’s views on issues affecting South Africa and Africa.

Research and Policy Brief: Two scenarios for the future of South Africa - 14th January 2013.

At no point since 1994 has the Institute confronted more angst and pessimism about the future of the country than we saw in 2012. At briefing after briefing we are asked if South Africa is headed the way of the north-African uprisings or Zimbabwe. The same sentiment is reflected in newspaper columns and reports both here and abroad. Perhaps it is partly the Institute’s contrarian nature, but in many respects we are now more optimistic about the future than at any point in the last decade.

Research and Policy Brief: South Africa after the ANC - 2nd July 2012.

Few analysts are prepared to make bold forecasts about South Africa’s future political landscape. This paper breaks from that pattern and argues that the ANC is dying and will lose its parliamentary majority at or before the 2024 national election. We do not make this forecast recklessly but rather because the evidence points overwhelmingly in this direction.

Research and Policy Brief: Much Devilry Still in the Detail of the Protection of State Information Bill - 20th March 2012.

The Protection of State Information Bill may now genuflect enough to guaranteed rights to convince a majority of Constitutional Court judges that it passes constitutional muster. But it still gives classification powers to hundreds of organs of state, bars independent or judicial review of their classification decisions, limits appeal to the courts (for all but state officials), and threatens journalists and others with imprisonment merely for ‘accessing’, ‘receiving’, ‘obtaining’ or ‘possessing’ classified information without ‘communicating’ it at all.

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