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Research and Policy Brief: Changes to BEE: Present and Proposed - 9th March 2012.

“On 7th December 2011 the Government brought new BEE procurement regulations into law. It also unveiled a BEE amendment bill intended to prohibit fronting and lay down prison and other penalties for misrepresenting BEE status. If the Bill is adopted in its current form, this will be the first time since 1994 that jail terms will be available for failure to comply with affirmative action laws.”

Research and Policy Brief: Land ownership and land reform in South Africa - 27th February 2012.

Dr Pieter Mulder has courted great controversy with comments that black South Africans have no historical claim to land in the Northern and Western Cape and also that blacks own a greater share of the country’s land than the government admits. His comments come against claims that whites owned 87% of South Africa’s land and that little progress has been made in changing this picture.

Research and Policy Brief: Muriel Horrell: Apartheid’s Chronicler and Archivist - 22nd December 2011.

Early next year the South African Institute of Race Relations will publish the 2010/2011 edition of its world-renowned South Africa Survey. The Survey has been in print every year since 1946. Its reputation was established by Muriel Horrell, who joined the Institute shortly after the Second World War, in which she saw active service. Almost single-handedly, Miss Horrell wrote the Survey for the next 30 years, and after her retirement continued to contribute to it. The attached tribute was written by Sue Krige.

Tribute to Lawrie Schlemmer, 1936 - 2011 - 28th October 2011.

Professor Lawrence Schlemmer, President of the Institute from 1983 to 1985 and at the time of his death Vice President and a member of our Board and governing Council, died in Cape Town on 26th October. This tribute was written by Professor R W Johnson.

Research and Policy Brief: Forewarned is forearmed - 23rd June 2011.

In this speech to the AGM of the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Johannesburg on 23rd June 2011, John Kane-Berman begins with Trevor Manuel’s National Planning Commission. He then poses 16 questions about South Africa's future. Thirdly, he shows where Mr Julius Malema fits in. Finally, he suggests how business and others might act to halt South Africa's downward slide.

Research and Policy Brief: Why the Firearms Control Act failed and what should be done about it - 21st June 2011.

In 2004 the South African Government implemented new gun control legislation in the Firearms Control Act. The Act required licensed firearms owners in the country to relicense their weapons over a period of five years. The legislation was billed by the Government as a response to South Africa’s high violent crime levels. It was widely hailed by South Africa’s anti-gun lobby and even endorsed by the respected Institute for Security Studies. However, five years down the line the Government has been forced to admit that its efforts in relicensing legal guns have been beset by backlogs, delays, and disorder.

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