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@Liberty - The property rights grab

Property rights are under threat from a Constitutional Court decision on mining rights in 2013. This threat has since been compounded by the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill of 2013, which is soon to be sent to the Cabinet for approval.

@Liberty - From Last Grave at Dimbaza to three tiny graves at Bloemhof

24 June 2014 - By a strange coincidence the Sunday Times on 8th June published an obituary of Nana Mahomo at almost the same time as the South African Institute of Race Relations issued a press release suggesting that affirmative action was partly responsible for the deaths of three babies in Bloemhof.

@Liberty - Stand up to the tyranny of political correctness, and tell the truth

18 June 2014 - On 15 June 1973 the Financial Mail published an article on mass population removals in pursuit of the apartheid policy of separate development.

@Liberty - Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution: An Oxford conference on ‘‘20 Years of South African Democracy’’

2 June 2014 - Political debate about South Africa is still hobbled by all manner of constraints that you simply don’t meet in discussions on contemporary British, French or American politics.

@Liberty - How to fix the future

13 May 2014 - In the run-up to the election on 7th May many commentators suggested that some of the interventionist legislation recently enacted or promised by the African National Congress (ANC) was populist rather than ideological.

@Liberty - Capitalism, Caviar, and the Battle of Ideas - no6

17 April 2014 - South Africa’s private sector makes a larger contribution to the country than is usually acknowledged. Apart from investment, growth, jobs, and tax, it pours billions into corporate social investment (CSI).

@Liberty - Delivering on ‘radical’ change, if not on growth or jobs

26 March 2014 - In August 2012 the Cabinet adopted the National Development Plan (NDP) as South Africa’s policy blueprint from now until 2030.

@Liberty - “Pearls before swine, Johnnyboy’’

3 March 2014 - The first issue of @Liberty, published on 13th February 2014, carried the Institute’s twelve-point plan for a better South Africa. Reaction to a version put up on PoliticsWeb has been mixed. One person said the author of the plan, John Kane-Berman, was casting “pearls before swine, Johnnyboy”.

@Liberty - A new Expropriation Bill by another name

25 February 2014 - Media coverage of the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill of 2013 (the Investment Bill) has focused on its role in replacing South Africa’s bilateral investment treaties with various European states. Representatives of these countries have broken their usual diplomatic silence to warn against the reduced protection it gives investors from their states. However, the true significance of the Bill goes very much beyond this.

@Liberty - Protest action in South Africa: Threat, or opportunity for reform?

18 February 2014 - Violent anti-government protest action in South Africa has increased dramatically in recent months. So much so that business, diplomatic, and government leaders are repeatedly asking the IRR what the demonstrations mean for the country’s future.

@Liberty - South Africa: A 12-point plan for prosperity

13 February 2014 - The National Development Plan (NDP) is the latest in a series of government plans to accelerate growth and increase employment. However, like its predecessors, the NDP fails to make the policy shifts essential to increased investment, growth, and jobs.

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