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@Liberty – Climate change science and the climate change scare

24 November 2015 – “Our planet faces many environmental threats, such as over-fishing in our oceans and the devastation of wild animals in Africa. But man-made climate change is no threat at all,” writes engineer and energy expert Andrew Kenny in the latest issue of @Liberty, the policy bulletin of the IRR.

@Liberty – Sitting on the Horns of a Dilemma – Water as a Strategic Resource in South Africa

10 November 2015 – South Africa’s water shortage is not simply the result of the current drought, says water expert Dr Anthony Turton in an analysis published in @Liberty, the policy bulletin of the IRR (Institute of Race Relations).

@Liberty – Circular economies – Turning waste into worth

21 October 2015 – Significant economic and environmental benefits could accrue to South Africa and to poor communities, in particular, if waste policy was more effective in helping to extract the ‘dead capital’ to be found in waste products.

@Liberty – South Africa's Housing Conundrum

6 October 2015 – The Government’s current housing policy is both costly and ineffective. Mary R Tomlinson seeks to explain the housing conundrum and offers some thoughts on how it might be resolved.

@Liberty – Give the poor back their right to work: a 10-point plan for jobs

24 June 2015 – Job security for some has been achieved at the price of unemployment for others who might have benefited from a more adaptable and flexible regulatory environment.

@Liberty – The rise and fall of Eskom – and how to fix it now

18 March 2015 – South Africa’s precarious electricity supply presents a national crisis. The desperate shortage of electricity is crippling our economy. Because of inadequate generation capacity, our existing power stations, now creaking with age and wear, are being run into the ground and failing more and more often.

@Liberty – The Expropriation Bill is back and it's still unconstitutional

4 March 2015 – The Expropriation Bill of 2015 again gives the State the power to take ownership and possession of property of virtually any kind by notice to the owner – and without a prior court order confirming the validity of the expropriation.

@Liberty – Non-Racial Affirmative Action in Employment

26 November 2014 – There is a need for a non-racial form of affirmative action in employment instead of the present race-based system.

@Liberty – The DTI versus TRIPS and Doha

12 November 2014 – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is pushing ahead with proposals to bypass and undermine patents in the health sector and beyond.

@Liberty - Patents: The Next Part of the Property Rights Grab

29 October 2014 - The State is seeking wide powers to take or bypass patent rights. Patents are important because they help to quicken the growth rate, generate jobs, and counter poverty.

@Liberty - Economic Freedom - The Key to Prosperity

14 October 2014 - True economic freedom stimulates investment and employment. It makes for faster economic growth and increased prosperity for all, including the poorest 10%. The EFF's call to expropriate land and nationalise mines, banks, and other businesses shows that it has no understanding of economic freedom.

@Liberty - Give all pupils school vouchers worth R12 000 each!

9 September 2014 - South Africa should introduce a comprehensive system of educational vouchers to level the educational playing field, says the IRR (Institute of Race Relations). The vouchers – which could be spent solely on education – would be tantamount to a universal bursary system.

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