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@Liberty - The 2018 Draft Mining Charter: Transformation Trumps Sustainability

22 June 2018 - The latest @Liberty report from the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), provides a detailed assessment of the 2018 Draft Mining Charter, warning that, though it is better than its predecessor, it still falls far short of the regulatory framework required for a thriving mining sector capable of boosting economic growth and job creation.

@Liberty - Grounding Growth: Finding the right balance between mining and the environment

25 April 2018 – South Africa must revise its many and complex environmental regulations if it is to attain effective environmental protection, together with a thriving mining sector capable of boosting economic and social progress, according to the IRR’s latest @Liberty report.

@Liberty - Mining and People: The impact of mining on the South African economy and living standards

6 February 2018 - Although the mining sector no longer dominates the South African economy as it once did, mining accounts for a major proportion of the country’s earnings of foreign exchange.

The economies of four of the nine provinces and of several large towns are dominated by mining, as is the port of Richards Bay. Coal is the source of nine-tenths of South Africa’s electricity, with the result that every other sector of the economy is heavily dependent on coal mining. So are the more than 15 million households connected to the national electricity grid owned by Eskom.

@Liberty - Ramaphosa and the Strange Workings of ANC Democracy

30 January 2018 - The report, written by distinguished political analyst, R W Johnson, provides an “unrivalled picture of the country’s mood on the cusp of a great change”.

Based on a large opinion survey carried out late last year, the report suggests that South Africans are moderate in their thinking, and anxious for policies that will grow jobs and stimulate economic growth. In contrast, the survey results suggest the ruling ANC is out of touch with the true sentiments of its voter base.

@Liberty - Deep and dangerous: Health and safety in our mines

The latest @Liberty report from the IRR (Institute of Race Relations) – “Deep and Dangerous: Health and Safety in Our Mines” – seeks to explain the current safety and health rules and explore the ways in which they are being implemented.

Written by the IRR’s head of policy research, Dr Anthea Jeffery, the report aims to identify some policy reforms that might help strike a more appropriate balance in safeguarding both the country’s mineworkers and the sustainability of the mining companies for which they work.

@Liberty - Pressing ahead with NHI implementation

24 November 2017 - There is still no clarity on what the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) system will cost, how it will be financed, how the supply of health services can be ramped up to match increased demand, how the enormous administrative burden will be met, or how the corruption the new system will foster can be curbed.

In March 2017 the Davis Tax Committee also warned (in a report which it finally made public last week) that the NHI was ‘unlikely to be sustainable unless there was sustained economic growth’. The government is nevertheless busily pressing ahead with NHI implementation.

@Liberty - A new approach to empowerment in mining

06 Septemeber 2017 - The new charter identifies its ownership, skills development, and community upliftment elements as ‘ring-fenced’ elements with which mining companies must demonstrate ‘100% compliance at all times’. These targets apply ‘throughout the duration of a mining right’, which is generally 30 years.

@Liberty – Free trade: A blessing reviled

25 May 2017 – In a paper released in Johannesburg today, the IRR said that trade liberalisation had helped to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. "To finally conquer poverty across the globe," further trade liberalisation was an absolutely essential condition.

@Liberty – EED is for real empowerment, whereas BEE has failed

4 April 2017 – Whether President Jacob Zuma stays or goes in response to the public outcry over his firing of finance minister Pravin Gordhan is important for many issues, including the terms of any nuclear deal with Russia. However, it will have no impact on South Africa’s most pressing policy challenge of all – how to empower the disadvantaged, says the IRR in a new report published today.

@Liberty – Diamonds and All That: The Contribution of Mining to South Africa

15 February 2017 – South Africa's mining industry must start blowing its own trumpet. The mining sector does not get the credit it deserves for its contribution to the South African economy, says a paper published today by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR).

@Liberty - The NHI Proposal: Risking lives for no good reason

12 December 2016

@Liberty - Back to the drawing board on mining law

4 October 2016

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