Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Letter: Schoub is cold and callous - Businesslive

5 July 2021 - In January, after human rights activists had exposed the state’s failed vaccine procurement strategy, Barry Schoub, head of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Covid Vaccines, castigated them, saying “the availability of a Covid-19 vaccine will not be a magic wand”, and accused them of “dangerously threatening the public motivation to continue with non-pharmaceutical interventions”.

Zuma conviction great victory, and test, for RNTP

5 July 2021 - Over the past few weeks, the new initiative, Racism Is NOT The Problem (RNTP) has sought to do away with the notion that racism is South Africa’s biggest problem. The argument we are making is based on data collected through a survey that involved ordinary South Africans from all walks of life.

Rooi ligte oor wet - Rapport

4 July 2021 - Voorgestelde wysigings aan die Wet op die Bevordering van Gelykheid en Voorkoming van Onbillike Diskriminasie (Pepuda) kan banke, versekeraars, skole, private hospitale, pensioenfondse en kleinsakeondernemings onder druk plaas om die voorwaardes te verander waarop hulle met baie van hul kliënte handel dryf.

Letter: Critical race theory and its SA variant, NDR - Businesslive

1 July 2021 - Joel Modiri claims critical race theory (CRT) is being “demonised” by ignorant and “intensively aggressive” right-wing whites who feel threatened by its rise and are mobilising to protect white supremacy and prevent “any form of racial equality and racial justice” (“Critical race theory is being attacked as the need to take racism seriously can no longer be ignored”, June 24).

We Need More Jobs, Not More Race Laws - Post

30 June 2021 - Imagine a doctor runs some tests and comes back to say, “Cancer is not the problem here, but you do have diabetes, arrythmia, and high blood pressure”. That would be partly good news (about the cancer), but mainly bad news (looming heart failure). Then imagine if the patient turned to his wife and said: “This doctor says cancer is not a problem – she must be crazy.”

Letter: Changing act would set precedent - The Citizen

28 June 2021 - There is now compelling evidence that the Expropriation without Compensation agenda will not stop at land. Financial assets, such as pension funds and medical aid reserves, are almost certain to be targeted to cover the growing gap between the state’s ideological and patronage imperatives and its fiscal envelope.

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