Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Vote for the DA, at your own risk - Politicsweb

25 April 2019 - Why is it in South Africa we are constantly forced to choose the better of two devils? Choose Ramaphosa, and get the ANC. Form an opposition coalition, and you get the EFF. It is no different with the DA. Don’t split the vote, build a stronger alternative, and you get the vacuous, ambiguous, directionless and anti-intellectual leadership of Mmusi Maimane.

How much does Eskom need to fail before mines are forced to close? - Bizcommunity

24 April 2019 - If the Eskom crisis isn't resolved soon, the national unemployment crisis will become even more dire because of impending mass retrenchment in the mining industry. Mines are already vulnerable in an economy which has barely emerged from recession, with high production costs, rolling blackouts, and now escalating electricity tariffs.

The ANC’s worst-ever election campaign - Businesslive

24 April 2019 - The ANC posters in Johannesburg, drenched like everything in the city this week, are peeling off their backing boards. Cyril Ramaphosa’s face, shrivelled and wrinkled, is folding in on itself. It seems an appropriate metaphor for a campaign that has been shuddering along in first gear from day one. This is the ANC’s worst election effort ever.

Our Devaluer-General - Politicsweb

22 April 2019 - What is being set in motion here by a relatively obscure agency within the state has implications for just about every property owner, or aspirant property owner, in the country. And most of all, it is those who own little – whose modest house is the totality of their wealth – that will be most vulnerable. The threat this poses needs to be taken seriously.

Ninety years of opposing racial nationalism - Politicsweb

22 April 2019 - On 8th May South Africans will go to the polls with virtually no public attention having been paid to the dominating ideology of the ANC – its determination to continue with the implementation of the national democratic revolution to which it has been committed since 1969. Nobody in business mentions it, nor anyone among ratings agencies.

Ramaphosa driven by ANC ideology in health reforms - Biznews

18 April 2019 - Without Pepfar’s help, it is questionable how much SA’s health department would have achieved. (Yet the ANC prefers not to publicise that help, choosing rather to rail against US ‘imperialism’ in Venezuela and elsewhere.) However, the US has now implicitly signalled that SA is so faltering in the fight against AIDS that Pepfar funds might be better used elsewhere.

Palestine’s ‘friends’ bully corporate SA – at expense of job creation, growth - Biznews

18 April 2019 - Notwithstanding the government’s support of diminishing its diplomatic recognition of Israel, both President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Minister of the Department of International Relations (sic) and Cooperation (sic) have defended the deal as being in line with the President’s investment drive. Other than this being a matter of cognitive dissonance, Israeli money is welcome, it appears.

BDS on Brimstone: A comment - Politicsweb

18 April 2019 - Sinisterly BDS does not promote negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. BDS holds that Israel alone must act. Which legitimate, peaceful organisation would not want negotiations to be used to at least try to resolve the conflict?

The ANC’s majority is slowly eroding - Biznews

16 April 2019 - So, what does this tell us? A few things, but four important ones. First, the ANC has failed (with the exception of KZN) to win over new voters. Its vote share is stagnant or in decline. Thus, as the electoral pool grows, its failure to win new voters means its vote share declines.

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