Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Expose bad ideas; don’t stifle them - Businesslive

17 January 2021 - Of the two books I received as Christmas presents, I am well into Martin Amis’s unusual, thrillingly revelatory autobiographical novel Inside Story. The second, Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now, is first on the to-be-read pile at my bedside.

Letter: Blade Nzimande muddies the prescribed asset pool - Businesslive

13 January 2021 - At its 2017 national conference the ANC put prescribed assets on the table. The notion was to force financial institutions to invest a share of their savers’ funds in projects handpicked by the government to fund “public infrastructure, skills development and job creation”.

Letter: SA slow off the mark - The Star

7 January 2021 - THE Institute of Race Relations will be approaching the minister of health, all MECs for health, and the heads of major hospital and health insurers to learn what vaccine-related supplies have been procured, from which providers, how these will be distributed, and when such distribution will begin.

Brexit at last: a great day all round - Politicsweb

5 January 2021 - The United Kingdom’s exit last week from the European Union is a victory for legitimacy, democracy, decentralisation, and accountability. These principles, and the regain of British sovereignty, are what have really been at stake all along in the often acrimonious relationship between the UK and other members of the EU. They outweigh such issues as fishing quotas and trading rules.

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