Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Letter: Deregulate labour market - Businesslive

7 June 2019 - What is needed is for the government to repeal all race-based empowerment legislation, deregulate the labour market and abandon minimum wage laws, while introducing a model of charter schooling and taking expropriation without compensation off the table completely.

IMF, ratings agencies point to need for tough choices - Fin24

5 June 2019 - The damage inflicted by EWC will not be limited to farms and agriculture. The ratings agencies and the IMF are, in this sense, merely adding their voices to what others have warned against, highlighting the specifics of the inevitable fallout if the current determination is maintained. President Ramaphosa is in the presidential office, and has his mandate. He should also have heard the warnings. He must now make his choices.

The death of the insult - Businesslive

5 June 2019 - There is so much pathetic fragility out there. So much ignorance. So much mono-dimensional, binary and puerile thinking. It makes sense that we cannot insult with any flair or sophistication. We cannot argue with meaning or conviction either.

Letter: Leftist ideologues in cabinet stand in way of job creation - Businesslive

5 June 2019 - Of course, the new employment and labour minister will fail in creating a climate conducive to job creation “Nxesi ‘No Silver Bullet for Jobs” (June 3). He is a communist and trade unionist who harbours great ideological hostility towards the private sector and the idea of a private sector-led and market-driven economy.

DA dallying and in danger of dilution - IRR - Biznews

4 June 2019 - Like the NP and UP before it, a failure to provide an alternative, which is clear in the minds of voters, will see the party’s electoral decline continue. The party must be clear on what it stands for and what makes it different from the ANC. If it does not do this, the DA will repeat the fatal mistake, and join the UP and NP in the dustbin of South African political history.

Cyril's no-growth cabinet - Politicsweb

3 June 2019 - Mr Ramaphosa claims a mandate for growth, which he then proceeds to betray by appointing ministers unlikely to implement that mandate. The reasons are plain. Implementation would mean abandoning the fallacies and fantasies of the "developmental-state" mindset in favour of policies less hostile to the dynamics of the capitalist system.

Our poor continue to lose out in procurement push - Businesslive

3 June 2019 - What’s needed is to scrap the failed policy and replace it with one that promotes private sector growth — the only meaningful source of jobs — and focuses directly on disadvantage rather than race through measures designed to “reach down to the grassroots”, as Jeffery argues, “by equipping the poor with the sound schooling, housing, and healthcare they need to help them get ahead”.

Dis nog steeds nie tyd om gerus te raak - Rapport

2 June 2019 - Ons gaan u hulp nodig hê om organisasies en maatskappye uit te wys wat rassediskriminasie en –verdeling bevorder sodat ons druk op hulle kan uitoefen om rasgegronde beleid te staak.

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