Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Letter: Land grab bill is not 'constitutional' - Cape Argus

20 October 2020 - The newly gazetted Expropriation Bill of 2020 will allow the government to nationalise far more than land. Homes, business premises, mining rights, shares, and many other assets fall within the Bill’s definition of ‘property’ and will be equally vulnerable to expropriation without compensation.

Unemployment: it’s a moral issue, not a "time bomb" - Politicsweb

19 October 2020 - Times without number in the last couple of decades, politicians and pundits have warned us all that unemployment is a “ticking time bomb”. The figures are horrifying. They were horrifying even before this year’s Covid-19 lockdowns made them even worse.

Can SA trust municipalities to handle expropriation powers responsibly? - The Citizen

18 October 2020 - In “New Expropriation Bill set to go through parliament” (The Citizen, 11 October), public works minister Patricia De Lille is reported as proudly listing some of the government agencies which the new law will empower to expropriate property, namely “the president, seven ministers, all provincial premiers and all municipalities”. (In fact, there are even more agencies that have the power to expropriate.)

Was dit ’n grap, Cyril? - Rapport

18 October 2020 - As daar enigiets positief is van die “ekonomiese herstelplan” wat pres. Cyril Ramaphosa die afgelope week bekend gemaak het, is dat dit die agteruitgang van die ANC-regering gaan verhaas en so die weg vir werklike oplossings van die land se probleme gaan baan.

Give farmers ownership rights - City Press

18 October 2020 - It would be a mistake to see the sad case of Mpumalanga farmers who face losing their land as primarily another corruption story: “Black farmers refuse to pay bribes, kicked off state-owned farms” (City Press, October 11 2020). This case reflects the deep flaws in South Africa’s land reform programme.

Why Expropriation Bill will only make SA's woes worse

17 October 2020 - South Africans have been told to feel calm-to-positive about the Expropriation Bill gazette last Friday. Among other things, the bill lays out five circumstances in which private property may be expropriated without compensation (EWC).

Expropriation Bill: Stakeholders must recognise the threats - Polity

16 October 2020 - Property rights are among the issues on which the future of South Africa will be decided. This is a framework issue for the country’s economy. Get it right, and there is a chance of economic acceleration, prosperity and all that comes with it. Get it wrong, and it will condemn South Africa to years of stagnation and impoverishment.

Letter: Unity message must be clear - The Witness

16 October 2020 - President Cyril Ramaphosa used his latest weekly newsletter to exhort South Africans to unite to confront crime, specifically as it afflicts farming communities. "If we are to succeed in tackling violent crime, particularly in rural communities, we must confront this trauma and challenge the racial attitudes that prevent a united response."

Letter: Bringing hope to Senekal, rural SA - The Star

16 October 2020 - Events in Senekal underline the need not just for honest, rational debate about key challenges facing South Africa, but practical solutions capable of uniting the reasonable majority of South Africans.

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