Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Stem vir kleiner party lyk na beste strategie - Rapport

5 May 2019 - Met die uitsondering van die provinsiale stem in die Wes-Kaap lyk dit vir my asof dit die beste strategies sinvolste keuse sal wees om u kruisie in volgender week se verkiesing langs die naam van ‘n kleiner party te trek.

8 Mei: Nou drik dinge - Rapport

5 May 2019 - Maar daar is tekens van lewe en verkiesingsvloeibaarheid daar buite. Die groter partye sal alles in hul vermoe doen om dit te keer soos wat hulle moet maar dit lyk of dit baie moeiliker is om dit te doen as op enige tydstip in die verlede. En dit is op sigself 'n baie interessante ontwikkeling.

Big win for Ramaphosa will not deliver business-friendly reforms - News24

5 May 2019 - South Africans must actively use their voting power against all those trying to force socialism and then communism on the country. To do otherwise is to betray an electorate with a strong preference (as opinion polls have repeatedly shown) for jobs, growth, and racial goodwill – not the radical redistribution, racial division, and rising destitution the NDR will bring.

Elections 101: South Africa - The Library of Economics and Liberty

1 May 2019 - It may eventually be that the ANC gives up on its low-growth economic policy (and threats of ever-more socialistic policy) and settles reluctantly for hard-needed reform, when confronted by the reality that it cannot make a dent in unemployment and the attendant electoral risks over the long-run. But while this scenario may be hoped for by reformers outside the ANC, it is not an action plan to drive reform externally.

DA under the microscope: 12 unanswered questions - Biznews

29 April 2019 - Some weeks ago we put twelve questions* to the Democratic Alliance (DA). In a note last week, the party told us that they would not answer them. But the questions are important and in this column we set them out with some of our own insights.

The ANC's python policies - Politicsweb

29 April 2019 - Little that Mr Ramaphosa has said suggests that he intends to alter course to any significant degree, or even that he wishes to. To vote for his party in the hope that he will lead it on a liberalising change of course to encourage investment and growth is a triumph of wishful thinking over evidence.

Ramaphosa already had the power but failed to seize his best chance for real reform - Sunday Times

28 April 2019 - Here is what magical thinking under acute duress looks like in numbers: 55% of intended ANC voters think the country's going in the wrong direction. Only 36% think it is going right. And 9% don't know. That is according to a February poll by the Centre for Risk Analysis, in association with the IRR. The fact that so many feel nailed to the ANC's cross is excruciating the entire republic.

Brexit: What's Next? - The Library of Economics and Liberty

27 April 2019 - Access to the EU market still remains a central and immediate concern with leaving. Britain, however, retains trade with the rest of the world which surpasses trade with the EU bloc, and it is in the interests of the EU to come to agreement with the UK on trade over time.

Letter: What Frans Cronje really said - Businesslive

26 April 2019 - Dwelling on a speech in March by Institute of Race Relations (IRR) CEO Frans Cronje, Bruce claims this address “ended up calling the people it disagreed with (me, basically) ‘utterly mad’.” He is wrong on two counts; Cronje did not mention Bruce at all; nor did he describe any individual, commentator or otherwise, as “mad”.

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