Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

When policies that starve override the hunger for freedom - Rational Standard

30 January 2019 - Assuming the tripartite alliance will succeed where every other communist/socialist society has failed, the SACP says: “The state should encourage the widespread development of democratically administered co-operative and collective farms rather than individual peasant smallholdings.” This statement should send a shiver down every South African’s spine.

Three DA scenarios after the election - Businesslive

30 January 2019 - In the final analysis, the DA has trapped itself in a corner. It has invested everything in a weak leader, who has produced a weak organisation, all of which is held together by a millenarian narrative that it is held hostage to.

Letter: Ramaphosa evasive on property rights - Cape Times

28 January 2019 - Some might applaud President Cyril Ramaphosa's performance in Davos as providing an honest perspective on the hindrances to growth and investment in South Africa. This would be overly generous. The president's message on property rights was an exercise in evasion and deflection. His comment that the "land issue has ceased to be an ugly ogre" has received much attention.

An Act of wanton cruelty - Politicsweb

28 January 2019 - What is at stake here is that the state is seeking monopoly powers for itself. It also appears to want to use these powers to impose an ideological agenda – hostility to adoptions – to the detriment of would-be parents who yearn to adopt children out of kindness or because they cannot have any of their own. This is an abuse of power, and a callous one at that.

Daar is in SA g'n rasseoorlog; dis net 'n mite - Rapport

27 January 2019 - Wat in Suid-Afrika skort, is ‘n nuwe visie en ek dink dis tyd om so ‘n visie te formuleer en ‘n nuwe kruistog te begin waarin ons poog om ‘n vrye samelewing te help skep waarin eiendomsbesit en voorspoed voorop gestel word.

Hard lessons from the expropriation of mining rights - Polity

25 January 2019 - If we wish to avoid the same happening to our homes and our businesses, we must refuse to be silent. Regardless of your race or socioeconomic status, you stand to lose out big time under a regime of State-controlled property. It will be a return to the logic of Apartheid property law for everyone.

A constitutional change is no small thing - Politicsweb

24 January 2019 - To placidly concede a constitutional amendment on this issue is to provide oblique legitimation for this destructive narrative. Those of us who value constitutionalism should be wary of surrendering it in apathy.

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