Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Time to model a new empowerment strategy in the mining sector – IRR

30 May 2019 - While the legal status of the 2018 mining charter is being resolved before the courts – a process likely to take some time – the mining industry could take the bull by the horns and embark on a pilot study to explore what the benefits of shifting from BEE to ‘EED’ in mining would be.

White privilege / black victimhood - Politicsweb

27 May 2019 - Perpetuating the white privilege/black victimhood dichotomy is anachronistic. By scapegoating whites, it exonerates the ANC. It legitimates policies that perpetuate poverty and exclusion. Worst of all, it creates the impression that the path to success is simply to reverse the privilege, ignoring all the other more important ingredients. That will do great damage to the people it is supposedly designed to help.

Letter: Land reform is no solution to big problems like poverty - Businesslive

27 May 2019 - Land reform addresses some profound moral wrongs, and, properly handled, offers some useful economic gains. But it is unlikely to be the foundation of a solution to SA’s unemployment and poverty malaise. And, mishandled, it will inflict great damage, undermining the country’s prospects all round.

The true face of the ANC - Biznews

23 May 2019 - Mr Ramaphosa is just as bound by the Nasrec resolutions as any other ANC member, but his appointed role is currently to keep on with the empty reassurances.

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