Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Letter: DA stand on BEE - Businesslive

18 February 2019 - The phrase the DA therefore wants is that 'race is a general indicator of disadvantage’. But that, of course, would not justify a policy of race-based empowerment. Adopting unemployment or the lack of a proper education as a proxy would avoid this deficiency.

Will the ANC learn from its demolition job at Eskom? - Politicsweb

17 February 2019 - (If) Mr Gordhan and his party really want to know who is responsible, they need only look in the mirror. For there can be no doubt that incessant interference by ignoramus ministers, cadre deployment, affirmative action, and racial procurement policies were also part of the transformative dose to which Eskom has long been subjected.

Cosatu's threat is treasonous - Saturday Star

16 February 2019 - Cosatu and similarly ideological unions and federations have threatened to bring South Africa to its knees if there are any retrenchments at Eskom. South Africa is already on its knees. Such threats are tantamount to treason.

The George F D Palmer Trust Internship launched - IRR

14 February 2019 - Journalists face a daunting future in which the need for fearless, independent minds is more real than ever, because so are the threats to its existence. Which is why the Trust was founded, inspired by a marvellous man of letters and probity.

The Route that Leads to Tokyo - The Library of Economics and Liberty

14 February 2019 - Extensive government involvement in public transit is one of most enduring facts of life in most cities and countries the world over. However, public expenditure constraint and the leapfrogging of technology over long-term public planning may change the game.

Letter: Ramaphosa’s indaba address mined nothing new - Businesslive

14 February 2019 - That he made the right noises was unremarkable — former president Jacob Zuma often did so. Whether this means anything substantive is less certain. Promises of regulatory certainty, for example, are nothing new. SA has been lethargically “working towards” this goal for years.

Letter: DA playing a dangerous game with BEE - Businesslive

13 February 2019 - But the DA knows all of this and the reason it has chosen instead to settle on race as a proxy is not moral conviction or a sincere commitment to social justice, but rather that it hopes for some short-term political advantage to accrue if it dabbles a bit in racial nationalist populism. It is a very dangerous thing to do.

The Malema Moral Washing Machine - Businesslive

13 February 2019 - People are characters for Malema only in the sense that they are part of a play. It’s a binary world, full of gods and devils, with Malema inevitably in the thick of it all.

This sort of manipulation is classic BDS - Politicsweb

12 February 2019 - BDS tries to dissemble by linking the deaths in Gaza in 2014 with the donations of food to the IDF. Whatever your position on Gaza may be, support of the IDF with donations of food is not sinister or illegal. Israeli citizens who wish to support IDF soldiers may do so. This sort of manipulation is classic BDS.

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