Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

IRR media briefing: The 10-Year Lockdown

2 June 2020 - Dr Anthea Jeffery, Head of Policy Research for the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), will present an online media briefing on Thursday on her latest report, The 10-Year Lockdown.

Pension grabs for state expenditure just another form of state capture – IRR

1 June 2020 - The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) rejects yet another attempt by the ANC to use asset prescription, the expropriation of assets, savings and pensions, to continue bailing out failing state-owned enterprises, create an ideologically motivated and hazardous state-owned bank and a pharmaceuticals company, and prop up or create financial institutions – such as the Land Bank, which has recently reneged on its own debts.

The Economist sheds crocodile tears for the poor - Politicsweb

1 June 2020 - About ten days ago The Economist reported that a combination of Covid-19 and lockdowns could drive up to 420 million people into absolute poverty. Lockdowns, it declared, were “blunt instruments” that could cause “immense harm”. Among the poor were more than 800 million people who lacked electricity – “hence all that burning of traditional biomass”, including wood, peat, and dung.

Price controls in medical sector risk disaster - IRR

29 May 2020 - The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) notes with concern attempts by government to negotiate what is essentially a form of price control for Covid-19 treatment in the private sector. The government is again showing its antagonism to the private sector, and its ideological misunderstanding of economic realities.

Ideology trumps pragmatism as lockdown bites - Rational Standard

25 May 2020 - Some observers may have been surprised when President Cyril Ramaphosa used the language of ‘Radical Economic Transformation’ to describe the post-COVID 19 economic strategy. This is after all the language of those presumed to be his opponents, the ‘state capture faction’ primarily, along with – at least for those who see the president as a pragmatic, business-friendly reformer – the left-leaning ideologues in the ruling party.

'Business as usual': don't exclude anyone - Polity

25 May 2020 - No doubt many South Africans wish for something like a ‘return to normality’. However imperfect that may have been, it was at least familiar and navigable. Unfortunately, this comes with a dark side.

Letter: Lockdown: lets's protect our rights - The Star

22 May 2020 - Now that it has become clear that the lockdown is a fixture for the foreseeable future, it is all the more vital to examine and counter the threat it poses to the political and economic freedoms of all South Africans.

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