Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

Letter: Tie SA’s foreign loans to policy reform

1 July 2020 - If nothing else, the emergency budget should have made clear just how serious SA’s debt position is. The finance minister’s image of debt as a ravenous hippopotamus is a salutary, and accurate, one. What SA borrows must be repaid.

Glaring contradictions show SA's stark choices - Daily Dispatch

30 June 2020 - In recent days, the deep-seated contradictions in South Africa’s governance thinking has been highlighted by two developments. The first was confirmation that the country would be seeking funding from the International Monetary Fund; the second, that the national Assembly would be reconvening its ad hoc committee on amending Section 25 of the Constitution.

Which side of history is the right one? - Politicsweb

29 June 2020 - The Guardian, a one-time liberal British newspaper that is now very woke, green, and Brussophile, recently took the opportunity to throw a hissy fit against Boris Johnson’s foreign secretary, Dominic Raab.

Letter: Mboweni highligthts shortcomings - The Citizen

26 June 2020 - In presenting the emergency budget, finance minister Tito Mboweni did the country a service by highlighting the scale of South Africa’s fiscal malaise. With a budget deficit close to 15% of GDP and a sovereign debt crisis looming, this is a matter that threatens South Africa’s future.

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