Every week we reach hundreds of thousands of people through placing arguments in the media in support of the principles we stand for. No other advocacy group in the country does as much as we do to promote support for policies that defend your right, and that of your community, to make decisions about your own life free from counter-productive government interference.

A must read: land is not the key to economic justice - Automotive Business Review

17 September 2020 - In a column last week in Business Day, Carol Paton framed South Africa’s future in terms of the country’s fractious land politics. Referring to the recent spate of land invasions and municipalities’ responses to this – not least the recent judgment of the Western Cape High Court limiting the removal of illegal structures – she asserted that political parties’ prospects would be linked to the extent to which they could find solutions to contestation around land.

IRR plan to #SaveRuralSA: How can we make life in rural SA safer?

15 September 2020 - The IRR will this week launch Land, Lives & Liberty: A five-point plan to save rural SA, a policy document presenting a simple set of solutions to make sure South Africans living in rural areas can thrive and fulfil their ambitions to #LiveFree in a peaceful and prosperous country.

Powerful as they are, words are not enough, Cyril - The Citizen

14 September 2020 - Words are powerful things. They are the vehicle through which sentiments and ideas are shared, and thus through which worldviews are shaped – for which reason they are the tools of leaders. They make what is complex comprehensible. They inform, explain and enlighten. They can also confuse and obfuscate.

What it will take to get entrepreneurship moving - Polity

14 September 2020 - In a recent weekly newsletter, President Cyril Ramaphosa called on young South Africans, especially those in the townships, ‘to take advantage of the opportunities on offer to guide them along the path towards entrepreneurship’.

The death of the ANC and the future of South African politics - GoSouth

13 September 2020 - The year 2020 will go down in history as the year the African National Congress (ANC) died. It is astounding to appreciate how far the ANC has fallen. How did this happen? How did the ANC go from overseeing one of the most exciting emerging market economies two decades ago to presiding over nothing more than yet another third-world failure of wasted potential?

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