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STOP Racism at Dis-Chem

Dis-Chem has implemented a “moratorium” on hiring or promoting anyone that happens to be white. This, and the laws that are pushing it, must be stopped.

Stop the Expropriation Bill

After his party failed to change the constitution, President Ramaphosa wants parliament to pass the Expropriation Bill, which would allow the government to take your property without compensation.

Stop state control of schools!

This new education law will further centralise power in the hands of cadres and limit parents’ rights. South Africa needs child-centred education reform.

Say “No!” to Nationwide Race Quotas

The “Employment Equity” Bill will allow a Minister to set race quotas across the private sector, enforceable by multimillion rand fines, if it is allowed to become law.

Stop the Job Tax

The government wants South Africans to pay up to 12% of their earnings – on top of all the taxes they are already paying - into a state-managed fund, the National Social Security Fund.

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