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Knowing the ropes gives hope | Freedom FANatics Ep. 42
Apr 19, 2022

Young female boxers show what's possible when you have the #FreedomToPlay. The FAN team chats about an aspiring professional boxer from a township in the Western Cape and how a school-voucher system could help parents pay school fees.

Minimum Wage: A Standing Obstacle to Job Creation
Simesihle Zulu
Apr 17, 2022

By implementing an NMW, the government is effectively raising the cost of employing someone – this is not good for business and is consequently not good for the employees either, or those seeking employment in the future.

Why BEE should be SCRAPPED | Burning Questions Ep. 40
Apr 16, 2022

A powerful quote from Phumlazi Majozi about the future of BEE gets the FAN team hyped up about why it's high time we got rid of race-based policies! Don't miss this episode of #BurningQuestions 🔥

Sport Stadiums: SA scoring own goals | Freedom FANatics Ep. 41
Apr 12, 2022

If looting state funds was sport, the government would be in the top division. From Mamelodi to Komani, we look at sport facilities across the country that are being torn down or crumbling, undermining your #FreedomToPlay. Then, the current impact of impact of tobacco bans during the lockdown. And in #BurningQuestions, Tiego gets BEE in his bonnet!

Hard truth about the education crisis in South Africa
Alex Weiss
Apr 09, 2022

Every year in January the Basic Education Minister parades the latest Matric results. But when you scratch beneath the surface you can see how this annual ceremony puts make-up on a deep, deep crisis in education.

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