FreedomToPlay: FAN tackles racism in Blue Bulls Primary Schools rugby
May 19, 2022

The Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN) has, as part of its FreedomToPlay campaign sent a formal request for access to information to the Blue Bulls Primary Schools Rugby Association as well as the Blue Bulls Company regarding a recent announcement that they will implement a stringent racial quota for their under 12 and under 13 teams.

We Must Battle Racial Categories to the Death for South Africa to Rise
Chris J Patterson
May 01, 2022

Non-racialism, as the term clearly indicates by the existence of the prefix “non”, illustrates that race, should not be, in any and all cases, used to determine the suitability of an individual in partaking in activities or applying to institutions of higher learning, or any situation for that matter where race could be construed as an arbiter of societal position.

Minimum Wage: A Standing Obstacle to Job Creation
Simesihle Zulu
Apr 17, 2022

By implementing an NMW, the government is effectively raising the cost of employing someone – this is not good for business and is consequently not good for the employees either, or those seeking employment in the future.

Hard truth about the education crisis in South Africa
Alex Weiss
Apr 09, 2022

Every year in January the Basic Education Minister parades the latest Matric results. But when you scratch beneath the surface you can see how this annual ceremony puts make-up on a deep, deep crisis in education.

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