Five Reasons Why Voting Matters

Your vote can bring about better service delivery, infrastructure, jobs, education, and more if you use it to help elect better politicians!
Five Reasons Why Voting Matters

Just over 42 million South Africans were eligible to vote in last year’s (2021) Local Government Elections, according to an Ipsos study for eNCA. The IEC reports on its website that only 26.2 million people registered to participate in the elections and only 23.8 million votes were cast. Over 2 million people who had registered to vote did not vote, and, more worryingly, more than 18 million South Africans who were eligible to vote did not do so. If you’re part of that 18 million – or the 2 million who, for whatever reason, didn’t follow through – or even if you’re about to qualify as an eligible voter, here are five reasons why your vote matters:


  1. Change

As clichéd as it may sound, you can and should vote for change. One of the most powerful tools at our disposal to bring about change in our communities is our right to choose who to represent us and our interests. Your vote can bring about better service delivery, infrastructure, jobs, education, and more if you use it to help elect better politicians!


  1. Keeping government in check

The threat of losing voters to opposition parties is perhaps the greatest motivator for governing parties to do right by their people and deliver good governance. Your vote is your way of ensuring government competence and accountability.


  1. Making your voice heard

Although your vote is only one of millions, it is still indeed that – YOUR VOTE. Your vote is your voice. Participating in elections gives you an important opportunity to shape the future of South Africa. Not voting allows others to use their voice over yours.


  1. Democracy

Simply put, democracy means the will of the people. We can only realize a truly democratic society through the participation of all people in elections. The true will of the people will be determined by full participation. The government and their decisions reflect our votes.


  1. You have a right to vote

An important right. A right that some of those who came before us died for! We owe it to them; we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to one another as South Africans to exercise our constitutionally entrenched right to vote. Basically, you should vote because you can.


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Educate yourself about our country’s politics and current affairs and cast an informed vote. We feel the consequences of the results of elections in our daily lives. Participate and have your say – it’s your right! It is also the right thing to do. South Africa’s future is in our hands too.

“If we don’t vote, we are ignoring history and giving away the future” – Pat Mitchell


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Five Reasons Why Voting Matters

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