Court case to correct election results postponed

Media Statement
Court case to correct election results postponed


Freedom Advocacy Network 

Media Statement 

10 March 2022 

Court case to correct election results postponed


The court case between the Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN) and the Forum for Democrats (FFD) against the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been postponed until 25 March 2022. The  North West High Court postponed the court case in order to provide the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) and the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality the opportunity to indicate whether they oppose the relief sought by FAN.

FAN supports our judicial system and the principle of following due process but regrets the fact that institutions like the IEC and the local municipality have failed to file timeous court papers, in complete disregard of our constitutional democracy.

“It is a shame that the IEC and the municipal council were not willing to show up to court in the first place, after having received the court papers last month. This disregard for the wishes of voters, and for court procedure, is nothing short of callous.” says Tiego Thotse, FAN Operations and Advocacy Manager

The background to the case is that the IEC  found on 8 December 2021 that the number of ballot papers cast in favour of the EFF at a voting station in the municipality was 19. However, when the results were recorded in the commission’s database, the number “191” was erroneously recorded. The IEC said that, as a result, the EFF was erroneously allocated an additional 172 proportional representation (PR) votes.

FAN and the FFD are seeking an order from the court confirming the IEC’s decision that the election results were initially wrong and compelling the municipal council to facilitate the swearing in of the FFD representative.

The parties have agreed to return to court on 25 March 2022 to finalise argument.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Tiego Thotse

FAN Operations and Advocacy Manager

Cell: +27 68 092 3035


Hermann Pretorius

Director at Freedom Advocacy Network

Cell: +27 79 875 4290


Making our case in the media
Court case to correct election results postponed

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