Join the IRR’s fight to make sure that opposition politics in South Africa is saved from self-destructing

We at the IRR have been accused of interfering in the affairs of political parties – most recently by the Democratic Alliance. But the politicians accusing us of this know very well that it is the function of a think-tank to do so. We ‘interfere’ in the affairs of business, the government, and political parties all the time to win their support for policies that will ensure South Africa’s success and the prosperity of all its people.

We raise money to pursue the defence of liberal principles and almost 10 000 people have joined us to do exactly that. The DA proclaims to be a liberal party, and as liberals we will hold them to that.

If you want us to

  • continue pressuring the DA to expel racist leaders;
  • stamp out corruption in the party;
  • stop race-based policies;
  • break off its dalliance with the EFF; and
  • appoint competent leaders,

become a Friend of the IRR, because we intend to do just that and will need your help.

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The DA accused us of wanting to form a political party and challenged us to do so. We’re sorry to disappoint them, but we have greater ambitions than that.

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