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The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) is in full agreement with President Cyril Ramaphosa that ‘we are facing a grave emergency’, but that if we ‘act together’, immediately and decisively, ‘we will overcome it’.

We applaud and are determined to contribute to this national effort. In this effort, we need your help and support. Become a Friend of the IRR today. We can make a difference together.

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Drawing on our unequalled and considerable research and policy expertise built up over more than 90 years, the IRR will be devoting its attention over the coming days to crafting executable policy proposals in five key areas:

  1. Healthcare access, stability and security
  2. Income security
  3. Social stability
  4. Financial stability
  5. Economic stability

We will seek to produce a range of reports and proposals under each heading as a means of offering practicable solutions to the health, social and economic crisis we now face as a country. Your endorsement of these policy proposals can help us make those in power listen to the voice of South Africa calling out for constructive collaboration and solution-based thinking.

Several proposals will be considered in terms of their practicality, necessity, logistics, costing, and consequences, and the details published in reports we believe stand to make a positive contribution to the collective effort President Ramaphosa described as being vital in South Africa’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

The president was correct when he told the nation on Sunday evening: ‘We have never been defeated by anything when we were united; united, we are strong, but divided, we are weak and can be defeated.’

In this spirit, the IRR is determined to contribute to the vital search for effective solutions to both the health and the economic difficulties the country now faces, in express acknowledgement of President Ramaphosa’s challenge that ‘it is up to us to determine how long [the epidemic] will last, how damaging it will be, and how long it will take our economy and our country to recover’.

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