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Stand up today to protect democracy in South Africa! Fill in the form below to inform the President, the Minister of Home Affairs and Parliament that South Africans will protect democracy!

We can #SaveRuralSA

We can make life in rural SA safer. We can secure property rights for rural SA. We can make life in rural SA better. We can #SaveRuralSA.

IRR to the IMF: for SA to grow, we need to #ChangeGear

The South African government has recently approached the IMF for financial support, but we must make clear to the IMF that they should only provide support if the government gets rid of EWC, NHI, BEE, pension grabs, and policies that make the lives of all South Africans more difficult.

“Yes!” to Covid-19 tests, “No!” to pencil tests!

It is unacceptable that President Ramaphosa could, on 15 March, call for national unity, urging South Africans to ‘act together’ to overcome the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, only for the Minister of Tourism, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubaneto, to insist on 7 April that race will be used as a basis to determine which South Africans receive government support.

Clarity from banks on bonded properties and EWC

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has launched an open letter campaign, asking prominent South African banks to clarify for their clients the implications of expropriation without compensation (EWC) becoming government policy.


Education is the key to creating a country that is prosperous and works for all who live in it.

South Africa needs a dose of #CommonSense

Despite what some politicians, activist-journalists, radio talk show hosts, and others would have you believe, South Africans actually have a lot in common and we all have a healthy dose of #CommonSense – common sense which the government could use.

Community Safety Charter

In 2010 the IRR began to take interest in media reports along the lines that ‘people in police uniforms’ or ‘in vehicles with police markings’ had committed serious and violent crimes. There was a great number of these reports but the police would routinely deny that their members were involved instead suggesting that such crimes were being committed by ‘fake policemen’. Unconvinced we decided to investigate what was going on.

Hands off our pensions!

The collective amount that South Africans have saved up for their pensions is big. About 16 million South Africans are members of retirement funds (with about 11 million still working and saving, the remainder having already retired). At the end of 2016, the total value of South African retirement funds was R4-trillion. This is nearly equivalent to the total size of South Africa’s economy (which is R4.4 trillion). In addition, this pot of retirement savings is the biggest in Africa, and one of the biggest in the world.

South Africa – more united than you think

Despite what some politicians, activist-journalists, radio talk show hosts, and others would have you believe, racism is not South Africa’s biggest problem. IRR research shows that the great majority of South Africans respect each other and want to work together to build a better country.

Endorse the IRR’s solution to SA healthcare

The government is looking to change the way South Africans receive healthcare by implementing National Health Insurance (NHI). All South Africans are entitled to decent levels of healthcare but the new proposals by the government will severely damage the current healthcare system. Endorse the IRR’s submission to Parliament by clicking here. On the right hand side of the page read our research to see how NHI will damage South Africa’s healthcare system.

Giving power back to parents

Schools with greater parental involvement do better than those where parents are less involved. This campaign has seen us advocate for more parental involvement, through giving more power to school governing bodies, along with a number of other policy interventions. Read our policy documents and writing on the media around this issue.

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