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Endorse the IRR’s Proposal to Parliament to solve South Africa’s healthcare crisis

NHI will destroy the South African healthcare system. Through the NHI the government wants to nationalise your health insurance fund and nationalise private hospitals and doctors. Help the IRR fight for you by supporting our alternative. In short the IRR proposes that private healthcare services should be left alone and the government should rather focus on implementing the use of vouchers for poor households, allowing low fee medical schemes to operate, entering into public private partnerships, allowing more private day hospitals, letting the private sector train doctors, stopping cadre deployment at hospitals, stopping corruption in the public healthcare sector and enforcing strict accountability for poor performance. If you want your voice heard by Parliament then fill in the form below before 29 November to support the IRR's proposal to save the South African healthcare system. By completing this form the IRR will make a submission to Parliament on your behalf and help you make your voice heard. Learn more by reading our detailed analysis and proposal here.

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Stop NHI!

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If the government implements NHI you will lose your private medical aid and access to South Africa’s world class medical services. Doctors will emigrate and standards of care will collapse. Don’t let the government do to healthcare what it has done to entities from Eskom to SA Express. The IRR fights for you. Almost 200 000 people endorsed our anti-EWC lobby and helped us to stop the government from taking your property. And over 40 000 people have endorsed our alternative to the NHI but the more peoplethat back us, the more pressure we will be able to place on the government to back away from NHI. Your voice counts so stand up and make it heard before 29 November. We need your help.  

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