Give us your mandate to stop EWC!

Over 150 000 South Africans have given us a mandate to fight Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) on their behalf. In the next few weeks, an IRR team will be going to the Union Buildings to give the Office of the President each individual mandate from every South African who has supported us in opposing EWC. Join them, by endorsing our letter to the President.

The government's next salvo in pushing EWC is the Expropriation Bill. The window for comment on the bill closed on 19 February 2019, and the IRR made a submission which raised some serious concerns around the bill. The new Expropriation Bill is the replacement to a similar bill, which was first released in 2015. After concerns were raised the bill was redrafted and this is effectively the reworked version. The bill makes it clear that EWC will be allowed in a very wide range if situations (not in the very limited situations that the media has led many to believe), and that compensation payable could be nil. The bill also makes it easier for property to be expropriated. Furthermore, the definition of expropriation in the bill is also problematic and could lead to further effective expropriations, but which would not be recognised as such in law, meaning that those affected would have very little recourse.

In addition, the IRR believes that the bill may be unconstitutional. This is because ‘expropriation’ has a wide meaning in customary international law, which defines the term as including both direct and indirect expropriations. South Africa’s courts are obliged to take this customary international law meaning into account in interpreting the word ‘expropriation’ in the Constitution.

The fight against EWC is not over, and we need your help. Give us your mandate to help protect us protect your property rights.

We have lobbied the government, media, and investment community hard to show that: 

- The majority of South Africans oppose EWC;

- EWC is chasing away investment; 

- EWC will will promote racial divisions and social conflict; 

- EWC will set up the destruction of the the rule of law; and  

- EWC will deepen levels of poverty , unemployment, and inequality. 

If you agree the fill in the form below. Join tens of thousands of other South Africans who have given us a mandate to talk for them and that will make our voice stronger and help us out even greater pressure on the government to stop EWC.

The IRR will not share or reveal any of your personal information outside of the IRR.

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