Give us your mandate and help us oppose EWC!

The government is threatening to take away your property rights. The constitutional review committee (CRC) has recommended to Parliament that the Constitution be amended to allow Expropriation without Compensation (EWC). Allowing this will sound a death knell for the South African economy and any hope that we have of building a prosperous society that works for all. Despite the risks, the CRC has made this recommendation to Parliament without having considered a very large number of submissions on the issue. We estimate that the CRC has ignored 99% of written submissions on EWC, and the IRR will be heading to court to challenge this blatant disregard of the views of ordinary South Africans.

The new Expropriation Bill has also been made public. This bill, which will be used by the government to make it easier to take your property away. The IRR is submitting our concerns around the bill this. Join over 150 000 other South Africans who have given us their mandate in opposing the government's reckless decision to consider EWC. Give us your mandate here.


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