Help the IRR stop expropriation and promote real land reform: Endorse our solution.

Expropriation without compensation (EWC) will allow government to take away your property and leave South Africa poorer and hungrier.

It’s not only farmers that will be affected, the government’s EWC legislation makes it possible to expropriate almost anything you own without compensation. This will drive away investors, push down the value of your home and make South Africans poorer.

Help us by joining the IRR’s fight for the rights of all South Africans to be able to own their property without fear of government seizure and a program of land reform that helps all South Africans to secure their future.

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The only way land reform can succeed is if it is based on three principles: secure individual title, access to finance at preferential interest rates, and appropriate support from the state.

Rather than take land from successful farmers, the government should support poor farmers with preferential loans and upskilling.

Instead of taking the property of ordinary people the government should sell state land and give poor South Africans access to proper secure title which will give them access to finance.

Get involved by endorsing the IRR’s solution to take to Government that will demand real land reform that uplifts South Africans, not expropriation that impoverishes our future.

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