Endorse the IRR’s Community Safety Charter

You have the right to defend yourself and take control of the security in your community. Endorse our Community Safety Charter and you strengthen our hand in lobbying* for your right to take back your streets from criminals and defend yourself against criminal attack.

Community Safety Charter    

I am a hard-working and committed South African who is sick and tired of the plague of criminal violence in our country. Research by the IRR shows that:

  • Nearly half a million people have been murdered in the country since 1994;
  • South Africa’s murder rate is approximately ten times higher than that of the USA;
  • Police officers regularly commit serious and violent crimes, threatening the communities they are tasked with protecting; and
  • The police are losing the war against crime.  

I therefore support the efforts of the IRR to:

  • Allow communities to elect the commanders of their police stations;
  • Expand the powers of Community Police Forums;
  • Make private security contributions tax deductible;
  • Secure the rights of communities to organise and run their own community security structures; and
  • Secure and expand the right of self-defence against violent attack.   

The police and the political leadership of the country have failed in their responsibility to protect me and my fellow South Africans. It is time for change that will make the police accountable to the communities they are meant to serve, and to allow those communities greater powers to protect themselves.  


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*The IRR has built a lobby to pressure politicians into allowing communities greater authority to take charge of their own security and defend themselves from attack. The more people who support the community charter the more effectively the IRR can create pressure on South Africa’s political leadership to effect change. You have a right to take charge of your own security and defend yourself. Help us to allow you to realise that right.

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