How we work

We operate a great number of public education and advocacy projects and platforms each of which is crafted to ensure that South Africa remains a free, open, and prosperous society.

Media Alert Service

This is programme is geared to support and defend media freedom in South Africa. Via the programme journalists and the outlets they work for receive access to all IRR arguments, policies, reports, expertise, and research staff. The MAS programme helps journalists understand and promote arguments about political and economic freedom and how such freedoms will ensure that South Africa reaches its great potential. 

Democracy Support Programme

This project helps elected representatives from all political parties to understand and develop policy positions and arguments that will promote investment, job creation, entrepreneurship and community choice. 

Civil Society Support Project

Civil society serves as the backbone of South Africa’s civil rights culture. Through this programme we help civil society organisations to develop and promote arguments and policies that advance political liberty and economic freedom.


@Liberty is the policy journal that our experts use to place our new ideas and policy alternatives into the public domain.

Policy submissions

Every year we make a number of formal and off-the-record recommendations to government officials and politicians about how policies that promote political and economic freedom, and give communities more choice over how they are governed, will allow our country to better defeat the scourges of unemployment and poverty.

Opinion articles

The IRR places several hundred opinion articles in the media. Each of these is an argument in favour of political and economic liberty. Through those articles we educate the public about the policy options and choices that they have to make their lives better and counter any arguments that threaten South Africa’s future as a free and open society. 

Media interviews 

Annually IRR researchers and media officers grant hundreds of television, radio, and print media interviews. These are used to promote ideas and policies that will best allow communities to take charge of their own lives and defeat poverty and inequality.

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